Pat summitt plaza

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This project consisted of a decorative cast-in-place concrete retaining wall ranging in height from 11′-0″ to 25′-0″ tall.  The wall was used for the back-drop of the Pat Summit Memorial Statue.  The retaining wall slopes back from the bottom to the top and curves around the plaza on multiple different radius lines.  The wall thickness ranges from 3′-6″ at the bottom  to 1′-4″ thick at the top.  Steel pipe columns were used to support the upper “rim” of the cast-in-place structure.  HSG utilized 3-D design and modeling to ensure proper alignment and construction.  The model was shared with the entire design team so that the signage, formwork, steel posts, control joints, and sidewalks could be placed appropriately.  The final wall was constructed to within 1″ of the actual 3-D model.  HSG worked in close coordination with CRJA and Studio Four to complete the project.  The project was taken from design to completion in less the 4 months.


YEAR | 2012