When someone asks us what a structural engineer does, our answer is simple. We make the great designs that architects and developers envision into reality. A structural engineer looks at the practical side of a project — the site, the materials and the structure’s desired function — and recommends the best course of action to bring the project to life.

A structural engineer’s expertise is vital to the success of most building and renovation projects. Here are a few ways your project can benefit from a structural engineer’s input.

We Bring Visions to Life

Any building starts as a vision. A congregation might have a vision for their ideal church home. City leaders might envision an inviting new park, or a developer might see a run-down city building and dream of giving it new life as urban residential flats.

In partnership with an architect, a structural engineer takes that vision and determines what needs to happen in the real world to make it work. We evaluate the site to ensure it can support the structure as designed. We recommend materials with the right characteristics to make the structure safe and long-lasting. We examine existing structures and recommend ways to safely repurpose them for modern use. We find reasonable and creative solutions to make dreams into reality.

We Design for the Future

Time takes a toll on even the strongest structures. Wind, weather, seismic forces and daily use can all wear away at a building, eventually leading to failure. A structural engineer must look to the future, recommending building practices, design elements and materials that tailor the building to its unique use and place in the world. Those choices ensure the structure endures the test of time, giving the owners the best possible return on investment.

When you’re building a structure, there is a lot that can go wrong. You have to take into account the materials, the location and the weather as well as the weight it has to bear and the function it needs to serve. A structural engineer takes all those factors and balances them, making sure the structure is constructed safely and built to last.

We Can Help

At Haines Structural Group, we’re dedicated to creating buildings and structures that are beautiful, safe and long-lasting. And we’re committed to building relationships as enduring as the structures we create. If you would like to learn more about the services we provide, give us a call at (865) 329-9920 or contact Haines online.