Building the Future Together

What does it mean to be a structural engineer?

It means using careful planning and hard-earned expertise to design high-quality structures that are safe, functional, beautiful and long-lasting.

Turns out, that’s also what it means to build a business.

Our team at Haines Structural Group has been serving the Knoxville area for a decade, and we recently rebranded to cement our commitment to building our business, building our community and building relationships in a way that is honoring to God.

Here’s how we plan to make our company as enduring as the structures we engineer.

Building our Business

Just as we always have, we plan to provide extraordinary service and quality to our clients. From the property owners and architects to all stakeholders in a building’s history, we establish ourselves as a trusted partner, not just as a vendor. And our team will continue to work with our partners to overcome challenges with innovative solutions, helping them see their visions realized.

Building our Community

Our work is woven into the fabric of East Tennessee, from office buildings and public parks to homes and places of worship. We are passionate about the revitalization of downtown Knoxville, and we love creating a beautiful, safe community that our children will call home.

But our work building the community isn’t limited to structures. Through community involvement and charitable giving, we strive to improve the quality of life for our neighbors.

Building Relationships

As structural engineers, we’re not operating in a vacuum. Our work and lives impact the people around us, including our business partners, team members, families and friends. That’s why we created a set of core values that are crucial to our success. We’ve put in writing what we’ve always believed — it matters how we treat people, and we should strive to honor God in every interaction.

In the Haines Structural Group blog, we’re going to explore topics that are important to our partners and our community, ranging from engineering FAQs to business best practices. We hope you’ll join us, because we’re excited to get started.

If you would like more information about the work we do, we hope you’ll call us at (865) 329-9920 or contact Haines Structural Group online.