Starting a new building project is an exciting time in the life of a church. With years of faith, prayer and fundraising finally bearing fruit, emotions are running high, with some ready to move tomorrow and others feeling nostalgic for the sanctuary they’ve always known.

As a Knoxville structural engineering firm, we’ve been honored to partner with many local faith communities as they construct new houses of worship. It’s always a joy to see these church families at home in facilities we helped create.

But as with any building project, there are pitfalls on the journey to a new church home. No building project goes 100% as planned, of course, but here are some mistakes we hope congregations can avoid.

Just Looking at the Surface

Who hasn’t been in awe of a beautiful and inspirational house of worship? These structures tend to be impressive inside and out, and it makes sense for congregations to aim high when it comes to design.

But don’t forget that there’s more to your church building than meets the eye. Structural systems have to be in place to safely support balconies and spires. Systems like HVAC, water, sewer, electrical and more must be incorporated into the plans. Elements like elevators and stairwells can pose challenges, too.

To help your vision become a safe, functional reality, be sure your professional team includes structural engineers with plenty of church building experience. Haines Structural Group has more than 10 years of experience in identifying the best and most cost-effective structural systems to serve sanctuary spaces, helping save money while improving safety whether you’re building new, adding on or renovating an existing space.

Hiring the Lowest Bidder

Good stewardship is important for faith communities, but there are more ways to be good stewards than always looking for the lowest price. When selecting professionals to design and build your new church home, hiring strictly on price is not a wise use of funds. In fact, it can lead to costly rework down the line.

We recommend looking for professionals who know your local area and your faith, those who understand the needs of a growing church. Seek out referrals from other churches and interview candidates to make sure it’s a good match.

At Haines Structural Group, we can help make sure your church home is safe, sound, functional and beautiful. For more information about our services, call us at (865) 329-9920 or contact Haines Structural Group online.